Bridges Family Center is a counseling center that provides a variety of services for you and your family.

Building your bridge to change

Bridges serve an important role in allowing us to connect from one side of something to another. They give us clearance over and beyond obstacles that may otherwise interfere with our safe passage. Bridges also provide an opportunity to find connection between two places – a meeting in the middle. But building a bridge is no easy task. It takes time and many specialized materials to build such a structure. Even once it’s built, it needs ongoing maintenance to keep it strong and sturdy. In life, we may find ourselves facing obstacles that seem impassible or we may desperately need to find that middle ground. Essentially, we need a bridge in our life.

At Bridges Family Center, that’s how we see counseling. Building a bridge can seem like a daunting task, but together with your counselor, you can create goals and find solutions that will help you and your family find safe passage over and beyond any issue.

Here at Bridges Family Center, we specialize in providing services for every member of your family. If you are struggling, you don’t have to wait any longer.

Let us help you build your bridge to change!

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