Group therapy gives clients a unique opportunity to talk, interact, and discuss problems with other individuals struggling with similar issues. Participants gain insight into their own thoughts and behavior and offer suggestions and support to others. Clients are selected on the basis of what they might gain from group therapy interaction and what they can contribute to the group as a whole. The number of group members varies but typically consists of 4-8 members. Groups may be time limited (with a pre-determined number of sessions) or ongoing. Additionally, membership may be closed or open to new members once sessions begin depending on the goals of the group.

The main benefit group therapy may have over individual therapy is that some clients behave and react more like themselves in a group setting than they would one-on-one with a therapist. The group therapy client gains a certain sense of identity and social acceptance from their membership in the group. Clients are surrounded by others who have the same anxieties and emotional issues that they have. Seeing how others deal with these issues may give them new solutions to their problems. Feedback from group members also offers them a unique insight into their own behavior and the group provides a safe forum in which to practice new behaviors.

We offer a variety of groups for all ages. Examples of groups we have led in the past include: coping skills for children, self-esteem for teenage girls, survivors of trauma, healing from divorce, social skills for adults, social skills for middle school kids, and substance abuse education.

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